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I love living in Brighton. It’s one of the UK’s most famous tourist destinations. It’s been a “resort” for 300 years now and there’s never a dull moment. Festivals all year and tens of thousands of visitors flock to the beach every time the sun comes out.

This weekend saw the annual “London to Brighton Mini Run” take place. Starting in Crystal Palace, London. Ending at Madeira Drive, Brighton. Right on the sea front thousands of Minis arrived in convoy, parked up for the many MANY visitors to see.

Some Car Over the Rainbow

Some Car Over the Rainbow – Matt Preston

Minis are such beautiful little cars. They have such character and so many are so well preserved.

A mini kid

A Mini Kid – Matt Preston

The Mini is as much a symbol of British culture as Big Ben and The Queen (the band and the monarch). I adore them. There’s no other car quite like them.

On Fire

On Fire – Matt Preston

I’m currently torn between very minimal post-processing to correct exposure and full on post-processing “painting” as I like to call it. The above photo is a great example. Left alone this image is nice but uninspiring. With a bit of post-processing skill you can create something much more dramtic, vibrant and exciting.

The Buff King

The Buff King – Matt Preston

It’s great to see so many gorgeous little minis in pristine condition. This car was by far my favourite. I stopped by 3 times to have a look. The guy clearly loves his little Mini and keeps it as shiny as possible!

Exhibitions, be they in doors or out are often hard to shoot without getting masses of clutter in the background and often unwanted items in the foreground! It often takes time to find the right crop of an image, the right effect that will draw you away from the clutter. You’ll often take hundreds of shots and only end up with a handful of real winners.

Blue Wheeler
Blue Wheeler – Matt Preston

For more Mini photos check out my Flickr Photostream

As ever your thoughts, comments and critique are welcome.

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I saw these guys during a Busking Festival, a very simple image that offers so much in the way of narrative and comedy.

Will dance for food
Will Dance For Food – Matt Preston

I think this photo speaks for itself in terms of artist merit yet asks so much in terms of subject matter!

As ever your thoughts and comments are welcome.

This is still one of my favourite photos. Partly the composition and partly the subject matter.

Forgotten door
Forgotten Door – Matt Preston

I rarely walk past this door as it’s very hidden out of the way in an uninviting area of town. In fact hardly anyone would go there.  The door would lead underneath roads and buildings so what it’s actually for I don’t know. Nor do I ever want to know. It’s the non-descript nature of this door that draws me to it.

Rusting, unmaintained, unloved, does anyone still use it? Where does it go? Maybe it hasn’t been used for a hundred years (its possible). Why is it painted bright red!?

The darkening of the edges of the image help spotlight the door, making it all the more magical. Funny how such a flat, 2 dimensional object can create so many questions.

As ever your thoughts and comments are welcome.

I love this pic. So simple but just goes to prove that anything from the right angle can be eye catching.

The go-faster flames and cross-processing effect help a lot! But sometimes just getting down to the level of what you want to shoot rather than standing and pointing your camera at the subject, can make all the difference.

The Mighty Robin!
The Mighty Reliant – Matt Preston

The thin depth of field works really well adding a slightly surreal quality to the subject. I used a 50mm lens with an aperture of F3.2. The prime is great for perfect picture quality. Sometimes you really do notice the difference.

Critics and comments welcome. Let me know what you think.

I recently had the pleasure of a photoshoot with a local model. Thanks to websites like it’s now possible for wannabe photographers and wannabe models to contact each other and work together, often for free.

The shoot took place on Brighton Beach and surrounding areas. Always a great backdrop and it’s nice  to finally be taking photos on the beach that aren’t all about the piers and other pebbly beach paraphernalia.

This was one of the first real chances to get to grips with my new DSLR, the Canon 5D Mark ii. An amazing camera. I’ll do a full review of it in a few weeks time.

Gentle breeze
Gentle Breeze – Matt Preston

My beach
My Beach – Matt Preston

Lifting me up
Lifting Me Up – Matt Preston

In the blue corner
In The Blue Corner – Matt Preston

I’m loving the Cross-Processing look at the moment. A technique usually applied to film but can be simulated quite easily in software. I’ll let you know how in another blog soon!

There’s loads more from this shoot in my Flickr AccountCheck out the full day’s shoot here.

I’d love to hear your comments, good or bad so feel free to have your say!

One of the first photos taken with my new Canon 5D Mark ii. The eery sight of what was once part of the West Pier in Brighton, England. I’m attracted to sunsets and decaying objects so this is a double whammy for me!

Quadralith – Matt Preston

Critics and comments welcome. Let me know what you think.