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This photograph was created for a local photography group I am a part of. Setting ourselves a monthly theme to help broaden our skills and challenge our minds.

I wanted to depict my journey to work, before i’ve left the house. From waking up (very slowly) to being late for work!

Self portrait before 9am
Self Portrait Before 9am – Matt Preston

Welcome to my lounge before 9am. On a week day at least!

The technique used to create this photo montage is called “Cloning” not to be confused with the Clone tool you often find in photo editing software. The Cloning I did involves using photoshop to create 4 layers, one for each image. The first image is used for all of the background you see (me on the far right to be exact)

I then roughly cut round each other Me, using the erasor tool with a feathered edge on it to remove unwanted background that may have a differing exposure to the main background. Sound a bit confusing? It’s not as hard as think. I’ll post a full tutorial one day!

As ever, any thoughts, comments or questions always welcome.

One Comment

  1. Now that’s creativity ๐Ÿ˜€
    Awesome set, I should try it myself..
    Can’t believe you actually changed clothes in between ๐Ÿ˜€

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