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I recently had the pleasure of a photoshoot with a local model. Thanks to websites like it’s now possible for wannabe photographers and wannabe models to contact each other and work together, often for free.

The shoot took place on Brighton Beach and surrounding areas. Always a great backdrop and it’s nice  to finally be taking photos on the beach that aren’t all about the piers and other pebbly beach paraphernalia.

This was one of the first real chances to get to grips with my new DSLR, the Canon 5D Mark ii. An amazing camera. I’ll do a full review of it in a few weeks time.

Gentle breeze
Gentle Breeze – Matt Preston

My beach
My Beach – Matt Preston

Lifting me up
Lifting Me Up – Matt Preston

In the blue corner
In The Blue Corner – Matt Preston

I’m loving the Cross-Processing look at the moment. A technique usually applied to film but can be simulated quite easily in software. I’ll let you know how in another blog soon!

There’s loads more from this shoot in my Flickr AccountCheck out the full day’s shoot here.

I’d love to hear your comments, good or bad so feel free to have your say!


  1. Great photos – I love the one with the wind blowing her hair! Of course all the beach shots look great to me – in Indiana and it snowed the other day!
    I’m thinking of getting the Nifty Fifty which is partly why I’m commenting. I need something to help me shoot a “no flash during the ceremony” wedding and can’t put much into it right now. Have you ever tried a wedding ceremony with it? Just wondering, thanks!!!

    • Hey sarah. A prime lens like the 50mm will give you a nice wide aperture to play with so much more light than most cheap zoom lenses can. I’d say the nifty fifty is a great idea but it depends on where you’ll be during the ceremony. If you’re close to the happy couple then it’s no problem but if you’re a few rows back remember you can’t zoom in on the action! It’s a juggling act between a high enough shutter speed so you don’t get any motion blur but a depth of field that isn’t so thin you’ll never get both of the couple in focus. Also worth remembering that unless you have a “full frame” camera then there is a crop factor of usually 1.6. This means your 50mm is actually giving you an image closer to 80mm. Either way it’s a great purchase and worth experimenting with before the big day!

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